Amazon success depends on the seller’s ability to effectively configure and manage their products. Profits and measurable returns on investment are accomplished through strategic thinking, careful planning and thoughtful execution. This is where our Amazon account management services come in.

We look after the daily activities of Amazon account and report the performance to the clients periodically. The activities we are involved are described below

  • Everyday Order Management, the comparison of sales and orders of each day with the inventory.
  • Everyday Operations : Order Defect Rate, Late Dispatch Rate, Pre-fulfillment Cancellation Rate, Policy Violation, Contact Response Time, Return Dissatisfaction Rate, Order Management.
  • Account Health Management; Get negative feedbacks removed which are under Amazon’s policy.
  • Strategic guidance on pricing, positioning, fulfillment, etc.
  • Increase the product reviews and product ranks.
  • Help you to understand, how LDR and PCR can be reduced?
  • Proper response of each notification.
  • Amazon correspondence with the team.
  • Buyer-Seller Communication checks and responds twice with-in 24 hours including on Sunday and Holidays.
  • Return Request response in 24 hours under as per Amazon policy.
  • Marketing on Amazon to drive extensive sales.

So if you need help with managing your account and in general with selling more or operating more efficiently on Amazon, Reach to our team and we'll go over ways we can help and answer any questions you might have.